Group not receiving updates from items

I’ve got one group of temps with an average on it, and it’s working fine, in that everytime one of them updates a rule fires based on the group name. As a concept it was cool.

So I tried to apply it to a bunch of controls relating the a morning heating plan, there’s a couple of set points that all relate to time on, time off and a max temp. Because it wasn’t very nice to look at, I made a new item that converted these 3 fields into a text descroption, triggered on any of the items changing. But I can’t get it firing.

> Group g_heating "Heating Control" <temperature>
> Group g_heating_morning "Morning Heating Control" <temperature> (g_heating)
> Number heating_morning_maximum_setpoint "Max Temp [%.1f °C]" (g_heating_morning,g_switchpersist)
> Number heating_morning_maximum_offset "Temp offset [%.1f °C]" (g_heating_morning,g_switchpersist)
> Number heating_morning_time_on "Time On [%d]" (g_heating_morning,g_switchpersist)
> Number heating_morning_time_off "Time Off [%d]" (g_heating_morning,g_switchpersist)

These heating items I did have in the g_heating group also, but just removed them in case being this the parent and child group caused problems. But it hasn’t changed anything.
Heres the rule for completeness:

rule "Morning Central Heating Rules Update description"
        Item g_heating_morning received update or
		Item check_temperature_min changed
    logInfo("Morning Heating Item","Command Called")
	if (heating_morning_time_on.state != NULL && heating_morning_maximum_setpoint.state != NULL && heating_morning_maximum_offset.state != NULL && heating_morning_time_off.state != NULL)
		var Number max = ((heating_morning_maximum_setpoint.state) as DecimalType).floatValue
		heating_morning_description.postUpdate(String::format("On:%s Off:%s  Max Temp: %.1f °C",heating_morning_time_on.state,

So I wonder if it’s related to this:

Though I’m sure I was still on 2.0.
In any case, what’s not specified in this scenario is what if the group has mixed item types, thought in this case it’s looks like they’re all number.

You’re right, please use

Group:Number g_heating "Heating Control" <temperature>
Group:Number g_heating_morning "Morning Heating Control" <temperature> (g_heating)