Group problem

Hi, i’m David and this is the first post for me.
sorry for my bad

first of all i want to thank the author of this fantastic project, openhab enjoy my life!! it’s fantastic, my home automation it’s incredible, i did not think that was possible to make this with a raspberry.

I’ve a strange issue, when i unplug the power to my rasperry pi some item lost their group family and the change also the label to switch1 switch2.

the group proprieties are strored in my switch.items files

Group gcasa 
Group gsuono (gcasa)
Group gsala (gcasa)
Group gcucina (gcasa)
Group gbagnogiorno (gcasa)
Group gbagnonotte (gcasa)
Group gcameragrande(gcasa)
Group gcamerapiccola(gcasa)
Group gingresso(gcasa)
Group gtaverna(gcasa)
Group glucifuori "Tutte le luci fuori"(gcasa) ["Lighting"]  

Group GLuciSala "GLuciSala" (gsala)
Group GLuciCucina "GLuciCucina" (gcucina)
Group GLuciBagnoGiorno (gbagnogiorno)
Group GLuciBagnoNotte (gbagnonotte)
Group GLuciCameraGrande (gcameragrande)
Group GLuciCameraPiccola (gcamerapiccola)
Group GLuciIngresso (gingresso)
Group GluciTaverna (gtaverna)

the item are made by paper ui .
sometimes when i unplug the power the item lost their group and change the label but if i restart from putty all come back ok…

it’s very strange. can anyone help me to resolve this issue?

thank you

You shouldn’t be doing that.
You will corrupt your file system and that’s maybe why you are having the problem.
You should use the command sudo reboot to reboot
Or sudo shutdown -r now to turn it off before removing the power.

Sorry i was not so clear in my post, when i say that i unplug the power, i wanted say that the 220v line go down and it’s impossible to say when,often when weather condition are not good.

so, there is a procedure to restore the part of sd corrupted? i don’t know raspian command so well…
what would you recommend to me?to back up, reinstall e restore the setings?

thank you so much

No there isn’t. Once the card is corrupted you can’t recover those parts.
You should use a powerbank to protect your raspberry. Be careful to chose one can be plugged in the mains as well as supplying the pi (Not all can do that)

Use an UPS.
There are some nice little devices especially for Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:

If there is a power down, the Raspberry has to shut down itself in a secure way.

thank you very much for the suggestions. yes, i’m afraid that i’ve my sd corrupted and randomly i have problem like zwawe latency , item properties, and wifi connection at startup.
but what i have to do now? what 's the best way to resolve my problem? ok i start to search a ups system to help the 220v issue.

thank you

  • Get a new SD card
  • Get a UPS
  • Fresh install of openHAB
  • Copy the contents of the conf folder in your existing SD into the new one
  • in PaperUI add the bindings and you shoud be back on track.

what type of ups do you recommend? it’s possible to turn off the raspberry saftly when 220 off??