Group selector for datasource

Hello guys,

I want to create a rrd datasource definition for a group of items.
I can’t get the selector working…

If I do it on item level:


…it works as expected.

If I try:




…it has no effect. The items of the group are saved by the default datasource definition.

How can I configure a datasource for a group?

Are you talking about rrd4j.cfg ?
rrd4j doesn’t know anything about dealing with openHAB Groups.

That’s just an Item with a single value, the (Group) state.

The * syntax meaning “all members” is for the OH persistence service, as configured in rrd4j.persist, and rrrd4j knows nothing about that. What really happens is that OH figures out the members and persists individually to rrd4j

Can’t. Closest is the individual list method you have already found.

It would actually be pretty difficult. What happens when Group membership changes? What happens when an Item belongs to more than one Group?

I don’t know if any wildcard is available, so you can configure for individual Items with similar names as a workaround.

Bad luck…I was afraid of something like that.
But thanks for the confirmation.

Let’s summon @opus who may know of a clever workaround

I would have stated the same as @rossko57 did already.