Group state not updated - openHAB 3

Dear Community!

I have a lot of Switches (mainly Lights) with similar config like this:

Switch		Hall_Lights									"Hall Lights"															<light>				(gHall, gHallLights, gAllLight, gMQTT)																		{channel="mqtt:topic:2d22e8a9:1"}

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF)		gHallLights						"Hall Lights [%s]"									<light>				(gHall)

Since a few days ago, I discovered that sometimes when the Switch changes, the Group will not get updated at all. It is not a frontend problem, because in BasicUI and MainUI the same can be seen and also in the logs, when the Switch changes there is no GroupStateChange followed by the Switch state change.

Restarting openHAB solves it for a couple of hours, but it starts doing this after a few hours. In openHAB 2 I never experienced a problem like this before.

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I have the same issue since a couple days.

Thanks for confirming! So this really seems like an OH3 problem.

Hello, is there any new information on this? I used this important function a lot in OH2