Group state null since OH3

I have a group named “rs_auto” and i used this item (oh2) in a rule where i checked if the state of this group was ON or OFF:
if(... && rs_auto.state == OFF && ...)

the group (and all its members) are set to “ON” in the morning by a rule and the group (and all its members) are set to “OFF” by another rule.

at the moment i’m migrationg all my stuff to openhab3 and the state of this group items remains “null”… the members of rs_auto are set ON/OFF correctly.

i set the item to off via basicui: http://openhabian:8080/basicui/CMD?rs_auto=OFF but the group state is still null:


have i done this the wrong way all along and it worked nonetheless until my upgrade to OH3 or am i missing something else?

A group’s state is null by default unless you have given it a aggregation function. On the edit item page for the group you have to choose the logic by which the group decides to be on or off based on the members. See the two fields under the Group Settings header.

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thanks! that did the trick!

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) rs_auto