Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) as a Switch?


Groups are super convenient and I wonder if I can also to do what I want with them.

I have this group:

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) presenceFredrik "Fredrik är hemma? [%d]" <man_3>  (gPresentPersons,gAnyonePresent)

and the idea is that if even one of the sensors that are members of this group would set it to ON. It works as is should, but the [%d] is a bit unsatisfactory. Is there any way to alter this so that I get a TRUE/FALSE or a switch ON/OFF indication there instead?

Try this

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) presenceFredrik "Fredrik är hemma? [%d]" <man_3>  (gPresentPersons,gAnyonePresent)
Switch s1 (presenceFredrik)
Switch s2 (presenceFredrik)

Group:String  ti 				"Gruppe Lampen[%s]"					<light>						//durch die Definition als :String kommt es zu: [ERROR] [rthome.core.library.items.StringItem] - Tried to set invalid state ON on item li of type StringItem, ignoring it
Group		  ti1				"alle Lampen"													//wirkt autom. auf alle Items der Gruppe (%s wird nicht angezeigt, nur ON bzw. OFF)
Group:Switch  ti2																				//wird intern gebraucht
Switch		  ti_ALL			"alle Lampen"										(ti)		//wirkt per rule, kann dafür autom. über die Gruppe angezeigt werden
Switch		  ti_TH				"Licht Treppenhaus"					<light>			(ti,ti1,ti2)
Switch		  ti_EG				"Licht Erdgeschoss"					<light> 		(ti,ti1,ti2)


rule ti2
		Item ti2 received update
logWarn("_","ti2 "+ti2.state.toString)
		val x  = ti2.members.size
		val on = ti2.members.filter[s|s.state==ON ].size
		val off= ti2.members.filter[s|s.state==OFF].size
		if (on==x) {ti.postUpdate("ON")} else if (off==x) {ti.postUpdate("OFF")} else {
			val xx = x-on-off
			var y = ""
			if (off !=0) {y=y+off+"aus "}
			if (xx  !=0) {y=y+xx +"n.aus "}
			if (on  !=0) {y=y+on +"an"}
//		if (on==0) {ti.postUpdate("OFF")} else if (off==0) {ti.postUpdate("ON")} else {ti.postUpdate(off+"aus,"+on+"an")}
//		if (on==0) {ti.postUpdate("aus")} else if (off==0) {ti.postUpdate("an")} else {ti.postUpdate(off+"aus,"+on+"an")}
//		if (on==0) {ti1.state=OFF} else {ti1.state=ON}
		if (off==x) {ti1.state=OFF} else {ti1.state=ON}
		if (ti_ALL.state != ti1.state) {ti_ALL.state = ti1.state ti2.postUpdate(ti2.state)}

rule ti_ALL
		Item ti_ALL received command
logWarn("_","ti_ALL "+receivedCommand)
		if (ti2.state != ti_ALL.state) {sendCommand(ti2,ti_ALL.state.toString)}


sitemap _t5 label="_T5" {
		Group  item=presenceFredrik
		Switch item=presenceFredrik
		Switch item=ti1
		Group  item=ti


Use [%s]

If you don’t want ON/OFF you can use a MAP transform to convert ON to “present” and OFF to “absent” or something like that.

This is way more complicated than necessary to answer OP’s original question.

And the code is really unnecessary as far as I can tell. The Group’s state will be ON if one or more members of the Group is on as OP defined it.

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Yes! A Map seems to be what I need.
Thanks !