Group that shows all Lights that are turned on

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a way to make a Group entry in a sitemap only show lights which are not off, so that I am able to get a quick and easy overview of what’s on at the moment. While I could make a frame with all items in it and then use visibility tags that’s overly complicated and I was hoping that there is an easier way for that. Does such a method exist or do I have to go that complicated way in this case?

Sitemap Group widget is (deliberately) quite dumb thing; you can’t control the order or presentation of member Items at all.

You can build a sitemap frame with individual visibility controls as you describe.

An alternative, which might be more initial work but easier to maintain in future, could be to writ a rule that dynamically adds or removes Items to a “display only” Group Item, scanning members of a “source” Group and usinf their ON/OFF state to determine inclusion.

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i am looking exactly for such a solution, but unfortunatly here is no further explanation or information, how finally it was made…
Has anyone realized this problem and maybe has some code?

Examples of visibility=[ ] usage

yes, i got it… i created a frame where i put all that light in with the visibility feature.
only thing i am missing now is to make this frame in sidemap only visible when there is a light on…

if not this label for the next frame should be hidden…
Any idea?

and another question: how to realize in habpanel?

Yes, use the visibility=[ ] feature.
That relies on the state of some Item.
So you need somehow to create some Item that will take up the state that you want to control the visibility.

That sounds like a job for a Group type Item, with whatever lights it is that you are interested in as members.

Don’t know. Another question, another thread?