Group:Number:AVG usage

I have

Group:Number:AVG AirPressure

which is gathering data from various pressure sensors and using them to average final number, which then is persisted in influx.

Now, issue is when I want to create graph from this AVG number

Chart item=AirPressure period=D refresh=3600000 visibility=[AirPressure_Period==1, AirPressure_Period=="NULL"]

Chart contains all separate sensors (which are not being persisted one by one) so chart are just lines.
When I go to the influx I can see AirPressure correctly persisted and chaning during the time. So I have data, but need somehow convince OH to draw chart from this final number, not from items in that group behind it.

Is that possible?

Your alternative is to chart and persist a dummy Item which gets updated by a rule listening for Group state changes.

thanks for pointing me to the solution.

in cases like this I kind of wondering why it’s designed in the way that quite simple usecase have to be performed by additional load on rule engine…