Groupe PSA Cars Binding (Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Opel, Vauxhall)

Looking forward to test it as well. Will get a Mokka e after x-mas.

I moved this topic to the #marketplace:bundles category and added a direct link to the latest .jar.
Hope it’s ok. @arjanmels if you consent to having it shown in the marketplace, please edit the original post and add the “published” tag.

As the Mokka e is the same as my e208, here’s my experience with go-e charger v3 and the e208 GT-Pack:

  • Only take short interruptions on the charing as after approx. 60 seconds the charger goes into fault mode, not continuing when requested to
  • Use the fake disconnect feature. 10 seconds are enough
  • Charing on one phase is best for photovoltaic charging (each Amp is around 230 W)
  • Dont use the App to query the car - it will interrupt the charging. Use openhab and this binding :+1:

We got the car for 11 days so far. Yet, it’s only charged with own generated PV energy :sun_with_face:

I am ok with having it published, but would still like to persu inclusion in the regular distribution as this has the advantage that updates to OpenHab dependencies etc. are taken care of by a broader team of maintainers.

Do I still need to do something besides adding the published tag?

No that should be it.

You’re absolutely right! While you wait for the code review process to be completed, it’s perfectly acceptable to publish the alpha/beta .jar to the marketplace and remove it when your add-on gets added to the official distribution.

I‘m running the openHAB 3.2.0 and the newest version of the groupe psa binding. I did the setup for my own mypeugeot-account as well as for the one of my friend.

Sadly I get the error “unable to get a list of vehicles” for both accounts.

Did anything change of PSA-side? MyPeugeot-app is working for me and my friend okay. Does any get the same errors or is it currently working fine for others?

Hi, thanx for building this binding… ive just received an e208 so i tried to install the binding… added the binding to the addons folder but nothing happens… am i doeing something wrong? its realy a noob question.

everything i find on the internet this is how i must install a binding…

thank you in advance

The same here

Update: I deleted the bridge and readded it. It’s working now and my car is found. The car is marked as offline however. Is this the expected behaviour when the car is off (currently loading).

Edit 2: In the thing properties it says model: Unknown. Is that relevant? It is a Peugeot 3008 Roadtrip.

Same here, installation worked swiftly, and the car (e-2008) thing is shown as offline.

Some channels, however, carry information. The “Time of Last Update” corresponds to the time shown in the Peugeot-App (for now). In “Electricity Level” I see the SoC and in “Electric Autonomy” I find the remaining range. Both values are the same as in the Peugeot-App.

Most(All?) other channels seem to be UNDEF or NULL. I haven’t checked all of them.

Thus, the offline state seems to be correct, because the car only connects periodically (update frequency is an issue as noted before). Let’s see how it updates when the car is actually moved or charged. I could not observe that until now.

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Thank you for pointing that out! I did not realise that some channels are actually populated. I do get some more values than you do, the car is currently plugged in (loading finished). I will also observe if something else happens when the car is moving.

UPDATE: I get some updates on the charging rate channel when the car is moving. However this channel gives me a value in km/h, so its not really a charging rate at all. It could be the actual velocity but since updates only happen very rarely this is not really usable.

I also get some more values (e.g. milage).

Also, when the car is moving there are constant updates:

However, when the car is parked there are pretty much none. I don’t know about when it’s charging, yet, but according to the comments above, updates are not sent regularly.

I am currently experimenting with the Python project already mentioned. Just starting the server triggers an update. So the idea is to just have a cron job every hour or so to start and stop the server. I’ll see about the issue reported above, that the update may cause the charging to stop.

i cant even get the binding installed…
nothing is shown in the logs, when i add the jar to the addons folder.
ive updated the pi incl openhab

also when i try to install the binding via the console i get a error:

openhab> bundle:install "/usr/share/openhab/addons/org.openhab.binding.groupepsa-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT-v1.5.0.jar"
Bundle IDs: 
Error executing command: Error installing bundles:
	Unable to install bundle /usr/share/openhab/addons/org.openhab.binding.groupepsa-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT-v1.5.0.jar: org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Error reading bundle content.

It seems that different cars behave quite differently… I’ll try to update the software in the car today to see if this changes anything. I don’t even know if this update has anything to do with the connect features at all though…

Have you tried to install it from the marketplace? This worked well for me.

lol, that got the binding installed. didnt know about the marketplace bindings… thanx for pointing that out again.

I cannot figure out what the “Charging Rate” represents.
In the graph below, I’ve plotted the charging power (Green) and the “Charging Rate” (Blue).
Obviously the charging started on three phases, then went down to one phase charging as the batteries were getting a higher state of charge. But what does the “charging rate” really indicate?
It seems “binary”.

It represents the charging rate in km/h range

So 11kw will charge 64km range per hour

I dont know why it says 64km/h when its slowing down because of the SOC. My guess is that PSA doesn’t actively change that, but that this is a common number.

So 11kw = 64
7kw should then be around 42?
Fast charge 50kw should be 290?

That makes sense. So they are using a consumption of approx. 1.7 kWh/10 km for the calculation.
But I wonder what that consumption is based on? For sure my consumption has been around 2.2 during this week (outdoor temperatures have been around -7 degrees Celsius)

Yeah, I’m nowhere near 1.7 here as well…

But at least I now understood the meaning of this channel. I don’t think I would really use it even if I got more regular updates. The remaining charging time would be the better option (only speaking for myself of course).

I just wanted to ask what channels you are getting populated?
Below are the ones I get, all others are “UNDEF”