Groupe PSA Cars Binding (Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Opel, Vauxhall)

I get everything that you have plus:

Charging time remaining
Current (however it has always been 0,0A, so I don’t get any meaningful data from it)
Fuel autonomy (it‘s obviously a hybrid)
Fuel level (sometimes, mostly it’s stuck at 0% which is not correct)
Privacy status (always ‚None‘)

Service says always Hybrid for me. This does not seem to relate to the actual drive mode.

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So, my car is at the dealer because it does not charge anymore. Therefore, I did not look into my Openhab config much. However, now I saw that the PSA bridge is in status ERROR and disabling and reenabling yields the follwing message in the log:

[oauth2client.internal.OAuthConnector] - grant type refresh_token to URL failed with error code invalid_grant, description grant is invalid

Any idea, what is wrong and how to refresh the authorisation token (that is what the python server did on a restart)?

I had similar problems (don’t know about the exact error message though). I could fix this by deleting and adding the bridge again. I had the bridge disabled for a couple of months before I had these problems. Could be that some sort of auth token is simply not valid anymore after a couple of days/weeks/months?!

I tried deleting and re-adding the bridge again, but I still get the same error.

EDIT: I tried to use the same UID for the bridge again, which seems to be a problem. I tried a different UID and now the bridge is ONLINE again.