Groups aggregation not working

I updated to yesterday’s build this morning and my Group aggregation is not working as expected.

Group:Switch:AND(OFF,ON) gRichPresent "Rich Present [MAP(]"

Switch RichPresent "Rich Present [MAP(]"
Group:Switch:AND(OFF,ON) gJennPresent "Jenn Present [MAP(]"
Switch JennPresent "Jenn Present [MAP(]"

As seen above I use AND which I expect to have the Group set to OFF if all members are OFF.

I populate the non-group Item which I created for comparison using the following rule:

rule "gJennPresent changed"
	Item gJennPresent received update
	if(gJennPresent.members.filter[sw|sw.state == ON].size > 0) {
		if(JennPresent.state != ON) JennPresent.sendCommand(ON)
	else {
		if(JennPresent.state != OFF) JennPresent.sendCommand(OFF)

RichPresent is the same.

What I get is:

When I open up the Group you can see all the sensors are OFF.

However, when I put my phone into airplane mode, the gRichPresent group changed to OFF as expected.

I’m not sure what to make of this behavior but the inconsistent behavior makes me unable to rely on Group aggregation to drive my rules. :frowning: