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I have some groups to aggregate my Rollershutters. Since OH3 my logs are being flooded with these messages

My groups are defined as

Group:Rollershutter:OR(UP, DOWN) gShade "Alle Rolladen und Jalousien"   <status>    (Admin)
Group:Rollershutter:OR(UP, DOWN) gShadeGaeste "Alle Rolladen und Jalousien der Gäste"   <status>    (Admin)
Group:Rollershutter:OR(UP, DOWN) gShadeBad "Alle Rolladen in Bäder"   <status>    (Admin)

And my Rollershutters as Rollershutters.

What am I doing wrong?


UP/DOWN/STOP are not states, they are commands. I’m a little surprised this works at all and doesn’t just explode in a bunch of errors. A Rollershutter Item stores it’s state as a PercentType (integer between 0 and 100). Your aggregation function on the Group therefore needs to work with numbers between 0 and 100.

Honestly the events.log don’t make a whole lot of sense compared to what I would expect but ultimately it’s doing what it’s doing because your Group definition doesn’t make sense.

Might this be related to the Velux-Binding?

I changed the Rollershutter groups to:

Group:Rollershutter gShade "Alle Rolladen und Jalousien"   <status>    (Admin)
Group:Rollershutter gShadeGaeste "Alle Rolladen und Jalousien der Gäste"   <status>    (Admin)
Group:Rollershutter gShadeBad "Alle Rolladen in Bäder"   <status>    (Admin)

Resulting in:

I can’t comment on the binding but even without the aggregation functions the events.log doesn’t make sense. A Rollershutter Item cannot change to DOWN. DOWN is not a state, it’s a command. And it definitely appears that the state is not sticking because it never actually changes from DOWN. So that means that the Item is never actually DOWN but remains 100.

I recommend not letting the default aggregation apply. Define it to something like MIN or MAX or AVG.

I’d like to see what type of Items are the members here, and what states they are changing to.

I now set the aggregation to AVG. This did calm the log.

My items are defined as:

Rollershutter   EG_Flur_Roll_Control   "Flur Rolladen Steuerung [%d %%]"   <rollershutter>  (EG_Flur, gShade)   { channel="homematic:HmIP-BROLL:3014F711A0001F9A498C9759:XXX:4#LEVEL" }  
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Well my zwave roller shutters also take commands UP/DOWN/STOP/0-100
But could very well be that the actual state is always a number. Thanks for the hints, I will try to group my roller shutters as well

Correct. Rollershutters only store a PercentType. They can receive UpDown and StopMove type commands, but those are only commands, not states. An Item can never be in the state of UP. And if it where, what would that even mean? UP is a request for the roller shutter to do something, not a state.

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