Groups with Paper UI

I do have a question about the Group Configuration. Till now I only worked with Paper UI where I added the Things and Items. Now I want to put the Items in Groups.

The tutorial says…> > Note that you still need to define your items, sitemaps, persistence configurations and rules in the according config files (as done in openHAB 1). Such functionality will be added bit by bit to the Paper UI only.

On another site there is an overview which tells me that I can create groups via Paper UI… its a bit confusing.

So, I am at the Paper UI /Items where I want to add a group to a Hue lamp…

Label= Name of the Thing? Room?
Category= Group? (Lights?)
Parent groups=? (All Lights?)

Thx for some Help…

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Hey @sinthom if you edit the Item “Hue Lamp” it looks like this.

You can see that in the bottom “Parent Groups” are the Groups I created vie Paper UI and I want to be connected to this specific item. You need to do this for every single Item.

Next Screenshot shows how I created my Groups.


Now its getting clearer. Thank You! So the Label is my “intern Name” which is more a description for me?
Is it better to choose the type “dimmer” than “color” für the hue bulbs?

…and do I have to take the same Label in Item as it is in Things?

For example, in Things it shows me “Kueche Decke” (hue:0210:00178820a253:18), if I switch to Itemes its called just “hue_0210_00178820a253_18_color” on the Itemspage.

Now i edited it and wrote Label: Hue Kueche Decke / Category: Light / Type: Color (was before there) and tried to save it --> Error 405: Item is not editible

Name is the Item Name which will be later used in example the sitemap. The Label is a short Description and can be changed always, but the name is UNIQUE, you cant edit the Name afterwards only if you delete the item.
Name = Unique and after saving non editable.
Label = Not Unique editable

Depends do you have a colour hue or just a dimmable hue ? Decide for yourself.

I think you did not get the concept of Things and Items. Let me show you something.

So we have the “Hue Bridge” you configured in openHAB2 which is the Gateway for communication with the Hue Things.

You got an Inbox item like this

When added, in Configuration > Things you can see for the Colour Item the following Customisations.

This “Thing” the “Hue Colour light” has 1 “Channel” each “Channel” needs 1 Item so you can control the Channel.

If you wish to accomplish deeper knowledge checkout the openHAB Concepts or you go back to the openHAB root Eclipse Smarthome Documentation / Concepts

and because this is stuffed with pictures and knowledge already take this.


I will try…

This is one Thing, it has two Channels, each Channel has an Item (color and temperature). Now I just want to edit the Items and give them a Label/Category and Group, but I received the message “Error 404: Item not editable”
I couldn’t even give them a group.

hmm, seems that I can not edit Items that are already in my Items-Folder. I’ve created a new one which I added.
So, I have to clear the whole Item-List and create a new one…

Items, Groups, Things created manual via manual textual configuration like openhab/conf/items/default.items etc.
CAN NOT be edited with PaperUI.

I personally use a mix of PaperUI and Textual manual configuration.
I try to configure everything possible via. PaperUI and only stuff that needs manual configuration I do the manual textual way.

Items, Groups and Things created via PaperUI are editable via PaperUI and can be used in manual files like default.items.
Items, Groups and Things created via Textual configuration can be used with PaperUI but not edited with PaperUI.

What you should do:

  1. Unlink the Items from the Channels
  2. Create the Groups via PaperUI
  3. Create 2 Items via PaperUI
    3b. Give each item their Parent Groups
  4. Link the 2 Items to the 2 Channels
    It should work fine this way.
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OK, Thank you for your advice! You helped me a lot. I will try it now your way…

See you later :wink:

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Sorry, this could has been a perfekt ending of the thread…

…but I have to ask again, because I am confused about…create 2 items via PaperUI…you mean 2 items for each lamp?
For example, the Thing “Hue Kueche Decke” needs 2 Items because it has two different characteristics?

…for Color I created this one:

and for Temperature, that one:

Color I can Link but Temp doesn’t appear in the DropDown. :frowning:

1 item per lamp (thing) channel and then you link each item to the proper thing channel

Since we use pictures… here you go :slight_smile:

[quote=“sinthom, post:11, topic:27729”]

For example, the Thing “Hue Kueche Decke” needs 2 Items because it has two different characteristics?

Yes (because it has 2 channels).

Linking is done via the Thing, not by editing the properties of the item. The type property of the item should be “compatible” to the channel type that is being linked (see hue readme below).

For the specific item (color temp), use Dimmer item type. More details here: Your Hue lamp is thing type 0210 (see hue:0210…)

More info about item types can be found here:

Go in the Thing and Link the correct item to the channel by pressing the plus (+) sign under the channel name (where you see the “Linked items +”)

Ps: Yes, you could have multiple items linked to one channel of a thing but it’s not really useful.


Now it works! :slight_smile:
But I am a bit afraid when it comes to the Harmony, Raumfeld and G-Homa switches.

But for now I am happy that I can Link my bulbs! Even when it was possible to manage them before with Hue-App, Siri or Alexa.

Thank you for the great support!

@BrutalBirdie thanxs for inspiring me for my new avatar :relieved:


I’ve spent an hour and do not see how to create a Group via PaperUI. Please help.

Ok, I figured out why I could not create a group. It has to do with the following setting…

Configuration->System->Item Linking->Simple Mode

When the setting is turned on, groups cannot be created.

Also, Groups are created by clicking the Plus ("+") at…


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