GU10 Standalone Light Bulb

I’ve got a GU10 compatible lamp and I need some bulbs.

I’m new to OpenHAB and I want something compatible and something which is standalone.

I have a few standalone TP-Link Kasa lamps today, but they don’t offer GU10, I believe.

Any pointers?:wink:

Your post doesn’t make much sense.
You want something “standalone” but ask for it on this openHAB forum ? openHAB is a central controller, thus the opposite of what you’re asking for.
You’ve got a lamp and need a bulb ? Then go buy one, that has nothing to do with home automation or OH.
If you meant to say you want a bulb with builtin remote control capabilities, then you should have stated that. And in that case the answer probably is that it doesn’t exist (unless you DIY). Attach the lamp to an actuator instead.
I think you should re-read your post and re-state what you are really looking for.

By standalone, I mean that it doesn’t require a controller. It means it has the TCP/IP stack integrated and also an API/REST interface that can be used to send commands to it from OpenHAB.

The TP-link bult i have now is standalone. I don’t know if the interface is proprietary, but atleast it doesn’t require anything else.

Also, using an actuator won’t allow me to individually control the bulbs intensity, color, temperature, etc

In summary, I want a GU10 bulb which can be directly controlled over the Internet by OpenHAB

I did not look to deep in the details, but at least they carry GU10 bulbs so maybe you can find something here…

You didn’t even read that they require a controller?

There’s all sorts of dimmer actuators but if you want color control you need more than one electrical control channel. There’s RGBW actuators, too, to work with stripes, but noone would normally build a color bulb into an existing lamp that wasn’t designed to provide color lighting.
You could look for a GU10 to E27 adapter, but ultimately that’s DIY, too, and crap, as are directly controllable IP devices. All of those I saw are cheap in one way or the other, usually cloud based, and known to be a wide open entry gate for the bad guys on the internet.
In the long run, it’s better advice to get a system that’s designed for color lighting, and all of these require a controller, either to be built into the server (ZWave or ZigBee stick) or as a separate gateway unit (Hue, Tadfri, …).
And to speak frankly, all of this still has got nothing to do with openHAB.

O use Philip’s hue gu10 they work great but require a hub.

Or maybe a LIFX GU10 that connects through WiFi?