GUI for Items and Sitemap configurations

I installed OH2 on RPi 1 with Mosquitto.

I can’t get HABMin to add/edit items. Will there by any feature I can expect ?

When there will be a complete manual for easy beginners.

In order to get everything working I spent a week on many forums.

Most guides are aimed at Linux/Java Experts I believe.

Can I expect OpenHAB Admin Panel for Normal End users ?

I wouldn’t look for a good manual. OpenHAB has been around for a long time now and it hasn’t changed.

No point in fighting it, just accept it and update the wiki in a way that works for you.


So let me forget the manual then. Will fiddle around.

May be the GUI For Sitemaps will get better or that will be added to the forget queue ?

OpenHab is an awesome neywork. Just update it time to time since it has not been changed for a long time.