Gui to manage schedule?

OT, but that is a very nicely written documentations. Kudos.

The idea to make such a rule (switch light based on phone in WLAN) sounds good to start off with.
Some experiences:
This presence detection based on WLAN is not working for IPhones (because of their deep sleep).
The reaction isn’t anything near instant, the light will not switch on when entering, more likely after putting of your coat.
You will need a more sophisticated if the switch shall be triggered in case of “leaving the house just for the trash bin”.

I had something like that (playing a welcome jingle) but that got annoying, in other words WAF went down.

Thanks! There’s a long history of people contributing to this effort, and a big shout out to @SirAd for reviving the Google Calendar integration.

@watou I havent read this thread completely. But what we do(actually my girlfriend) is to use ifttt and schedules and or calender items there to controls things in openhab. We use it for things like turning on/off xmas lights outside in xmas time, when to drain water heater, when to change filter on the hvac and so on…

However we have defined the OH items with text editor(I did that) and then my gf simply using the easy to use ifttt gui to link events to these items whenever she needs it.

Thanks for all the help so far, it seem’s I should be able to make something the wife can accept after all :slight_smile:

So just one last question, would you recommend me to start with 1.8 or jump straight to 2.0 Beta and go from there?



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That really didn’t answer my question - I asked for what you would recommend. Not what’s the difference :smiley:


Hi Morten,

I had actually written this tiny part of the FAQ (which the link should take you to). Sorry for the confusion, and I hope my answer there does answer your question here! :smile:

¶ Should I start with openHAB 1.8.3 or 2.0?

openHAB 2 is very nearly officially released and most activity on this forum centers around it, so without knowing more about your objectives, I would recommend it as a starting point. openHAB 1.8.3 is better understood overall, but I expect it will fade from use quickly after 2 is “official.” There are no more changes to the core of openHAB 1, so some issues won’t be fixed there, while development is active and ongoing against openHAB 2. There are many new features in openHAB 2 and is mostly easier to use for the novice.

Ah my bad - thanks for spelling it out for me :slight_smile:


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Whoa - I thought I was quite firm at reading and understanding stuff like this. But I have to throw the tovel on this one (OpenHab in general).

It’s just too complicated to actually understand where, what and how :frowning:

Thanks for the help so far, but I will have to find another solution that more end-user friendly.


sorrt to hear that, but it really isnt as complicated as you might think. …ive been on oh2 since beta2, and it just gets better and easier to use. tackle one thing at a time, im sure you’ll get it.

I really would like to make it work, but right now I have absolutely no idea on how to do the simplest of things. And I don’t seem to be able to find any usefull guides :frowning:


have you checked the documentation?

i have found it difficult to find this link…a lot of help here.

Have you guys looked the the AlarmClock Example.
You can modify it quite easily to schedule some on off events.

Or doing the reverse you just add extra lines add timer type switching to items.

I can’t even get the most basics of things working, let alone any scheduling :-/


Yup - by not near detailed enough for a complete newbie like me :frowning:


great thing is we were all newbies once…where are you at currently. what do you have it installed on?

im not a programmer myself, but an electrician…always been a copy /paste guy…but i will help all i can to get you started.

we were looking at a no coding solution

Well I have it running, but don’t know where to go from here. Like where do I configure the rooms. What’s the syntax. How do I set up a mqtt broker and use it. Why is some if the “things” and “items” stock and I can’t remove it. What’s wrong with the weather plugin. Etc.

Like lots of (very basic) questions :slight_smile:

Oh and most importantly how do I back up and move the configuration from my main computer to the intended server once that’s needed?

I really appreciate all the help I can get!


you need to create new items under the items tab…if you want control of an entire room, create the item and make it a group item, them can include other items in that room when you make them as that group. once you have bindings installed, under things you will have the channels associated with each thing. you can then link that channel item to an item. you will then be able to contol them dirextly though the control tab.

sitemaps need to be made manually (text), but they are quite easy. id suggest installing the demo package and looking at the code in notepad++ (download it). make sure the extension you save it in is .sitemap. you will then be able to access it via a browser at http://(ip adress of your server openhab is running on):8080 choose basic or classic.

mqtt i havent tackled yet, but there IS A LOT of people here who can help. also, look in the tutorial section on here.

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