Gui to manage schedule?

I’m quite new to home automation and have been pointed towards OpenHab. But I require gui configure schedules for switching on/off lights. It’s unclear to me if this is possible with OpenHab?



Same here.

I first would like to switch my lights when my phone connects to my wifi and off when leaving.

Im not familiar with java but do know basics like if then else etc…

Is there any simple way to configure rules with a gui? I think i wouldn’t be able to code this myself…

there is currently not an option for this yet, unless you use habmin, which has a rule editor similar to scratch. i am hopeful that oh will also head tgat way for sitemaps, but not sure.

Oh what a bummer, would you know any other open source software which would fit the bill?


Sorry, no. I found openhab about 2 years ago, and it has been improved so much in a 2 years. I really feel like it is the best option available out there. there is a new rule engine in the works that sounds like it’s going to be very good. There is a lot of documentation about how to write rules, and it’s really not that difficult

Ok, but writing rules in code drops the WAF (wife acceptance factor) to zero :frowning:


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I would think as long as it works, she would be happy with it. My wife doesn’t like automation at all, so at least yours is accepting of it in general

There is a rule editor in the papergui. You should use a recent snapshot.
Instructions here:

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“Unfortunately” she likes to be able to see the stuff and adjust it herself - but not by writing code :slight_smile:


Ok I might have to explore that a bit :slight_smile:


from what ive tead recently you can use the caldev bindinh to tie into an existing calendar and schedule from there. (at least i believe so…) i think it imports schedules from the calendar.

Thanks - I’ll look into that :slight_smile:

For me its actually not working with the last beta5 of openhab2. With oh1 its fully working.

looks like gcal works…again, no experience with it though…

can be found on paperui under misc tab

This one looks really simple but I dont know what I have to type into “Value” or so, sorry dont know the field exactly for now.

I’ve installed the Network Binding and assigned fixed IP Adress to my Phone and give it a Name.
Milight is also Working fine but couldn’t figure out how to create a simple switch with the paperUI.

I think with the experimental Rule Editor and my current bindings this should be no big deal…

Any hints appreciated!
Greets from Austria

Back to the OP question, one underlying problem is that sun related events rely on an add-on, the Astro binding.
That makes it complicated to provide an out-of-the -box GUI for scheduling as the Astro binding may not be present.
But I agree with the need.

Hmm that sounds like a bit of a hurdle to get by then?


I am having good success with the Google Calendar Scheduler add-on. After setup, you simply place new events on a dedicated calendar (named “House” or whatever) that either send commands or post updates to items, which can of course trigger rules to run. In the alternative, you can integrate with IFTTT via myopenHAB. Having a calendar system native to openHAB would also be nice, and there has been past discussion about possible friendly UIs as part of it.

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Perhaps, technically Astro is an optional binding, but nothing excludes bindings from being mandatory, even if none is today.