Gui to manage schedule?

great thing is we were all newbies once…where are you at currently. what do you have it installed on?

im not a programmer myself, but an electrician…always been a copy /paste guy…but i will help all i can to get you started.

we were looking at a no coding solution

Well I have it running, but don’t know where to go from here. Like where do I configure the rooms. What’s the syntax. How do I set up a mqtt broker and use it. Why is some if the “things” and “items” stock and I can’t remove it. What’s wrong with the weather plugin. Etc.

Like lots of (very basic) questions :slight_smile:

Oh and most importantly how do I back up and move the configuration from my main computer to the intended server once that’s needed?

I really appreciate all the help I can get!


you need to create new items under the items tab…if you want control of an entire room, create the item and make it a group item, them can include other items in that room when you make them as that group. once you have bindings installed, under things you will have the channels associated with each thing. you can then link that channel item to an item. you will then be able to contol them dirextly though the control tab.

sitemaps need to be made manually (text), but they are quite easy. id suggest installing the demo package and looking at the code in notepad++ (download it). make sure the extension you save it in is .sitemap. you will then be able to access it via a browser at http://(ip adress of your server openhab is running on):8080 choose basic or classic.

mqtt i havent tackled yet, but there IS A LOT of people here who can help. also, look in the tutorial section on here.

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Sorry it was more directed at the OP.
Either way the example for the alarm clock is actually really well done. I mention it even if you can’t code and if you study it you can learn a lot from it.

i understand, just that the op is looking for a less code more easy solution…didnt mean to be so blunt, i apologize.

He mentioned WAF which I assumed he meant he didn’t want to his wife to code but he was ok to do it.

hes just new and was looking for an option with less code and more gui all around. oh is getting there, but not quite there yet.

You sound like you may like the SmartThings Hub more.

85% the flexibility of OH but with less coding.

So first things first, where do I find the correct files to edit/back-up?

Also I cannot for the life of me find the files that (i assume) is being created when I make configuration in PaperUI, can somebody point me to them?


Thanks - but I like the idea of having the data myself as opposed to one of the cloud solutions :slight_smile:


The files that are created are saved in the Json database, if you would like to create your own files you can create them in the items and sitemaps files and openhab will utilize both.

backup …

if you run on a raspberry pi, @ThomDietrich will, when he can, add an option to do this in his config options.

i use rpi, but essentially you copy the user folder and some of the conf files. then replace them after you upgrade.

Basically everything under /etc/openhab2 (if you are using a Linux apt setup). Check the subchapters of - I know that a good chunk of info is missing in this area but you’ll still learn a lot there.

You will also greatly benefit from Examples. Check:

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Or, check out indigodomo
Requires OSX hardware, and costs money, but very easy to set up.

Oh so doing any edit on the paperUI will not really help me understand how it works because no files are create for me to look into?


From what I understand, they are in a readable JSON file, but it is completely possible, as I am doing myself now, to create the items in the paper ui, then link them to the channels. Then all you have to do is create the sitemap via text file. I’m sure someone will chime in if I am incorrect, or have more info to help.

My problem comes as (a lot of) the bindings I’m interested in are not or only partly (Or so it seems) configurable from paperUI. But configuring some in paperUI and afterwards being able to look in the text file to learn from that would be very nice.


Hopefully someone will chime in to tell you if its possible. Which bindings are you using?

Have a look at the userdata/jsondb folder. This has text files in json format of the paperUI things/items. You can easily edit these with a text editor if you need to.


I use a dedicated Google “smart home” calendar to schedule some things.
I involved IFTT. IFTT reads events from Google calendar and triggers a (virtual) switch in Myopenhab. In openHAB istself there are some rules reacting on those virtual switches).

If I have some time left I’ll try to move all to my Nextcloud calendar to get rid of the Google Calendar and IFTTT