GUI weekly schedule for Z-Wave thermostat

  • Platform information:
    • openHAB version: 3.0.1
  • Issue of the topic: I’m looking for an easy way to set up the HeatIt Z-Temp2 for both cooling and heating. A weekly schedule, accessible via GUI, etc…
    I have 6 thermostats, for 6 different zones. Each should be accessible for its own schedule.
    I read about virtual thermostat attempts, but these are discussed in threads of 3 years old (and older), or perhaps there is something updated available, but I didn’t find it in the regular documentation.

Can somebody get me started ? Perhaps there are other ways to set it up easily ?

Many thanks !


Something like this?

the OH3 UI has a section called “schedule” which is probably the closest thing we have built in for what you are describing.

Each entry in your case would be a rule triggered by a cron schedule, which also has a GUI for creating. So it’s all point and click, all done in the UI, no writing code unless you want complex actions per rule.


Many thanks, I will take a look. Thermostats usually have a fixed schedule that is not date driven (just Monday to Sunday) in which you enter a setpoint temperature at a given time on a given day. I see dates and “on” and “off”, but perhaps you were trying to accomplish other goals and this does have the possibilities I look for.

I would very much like to have each thermostat controlled by GUI through the app, allowing my wife and kids to be able to alter the schedule as they need (so something really not technical and very intuitive).

Many of the elements for your project are used here -

The entries i have are all fixed schedule, the cron expression allows you to say “run this every day” or “Mon/Tuesday”, etc… , the calendar view gives you a nice display of how that looks across a week, much like the calendar app on your phone shows reoccurring meetings on the days they happen, even though there is really one calendar appointment with a repeating time.

This is still pretty technical , so it may not be simple enough for your needs at home.