H.264 and sitemap video

I have a WiFi RTSP/IP camera that can stream H.264 in mpegts streams, that can be accessed at the /video/profile.0 endpoint.
The cam has a lighttpd server running that does the lifting.

Should i expect the following to work…

Video url="http://mycamip/video/profile.0" encoding="HLS"

inside a

Frame label="camera" { ... }

because it doesnt. I get the camera frame on the sitemap but no video, no box or container, nothing.

the camera also has an RSTP endpoint but this isnt supported in OH2 unless using ffmpeg and that will kill my raspberry pi openhabian server.

I know the streams are working because i can use VLC on a laptop, on the same WiFi network, to play the streams, both , without any vlc config adjustments, but likely that is due to the number of codecs available in vlc??

Did you try using encoding=mjpeg? That might work.

Ultimately it’s the web browser that is rendering the video stream. All OH does is add the right stuff to the HTML passed to the browser to render the video.

Personally, I’ve found that I get by far the best performance out of OH, and it works every time, when I use Shinobi to receive and process the RTSP, export as JPEG and use an Image element. I only get a new image every second or so but I found that even with just one stream the browser couldn’t keep up with the live stream and over just a little bit of time the video you are seeing is so far behind what is actually happening as to be useless.

Shinobi also lets me centralize all the recording policies (e.g. save videos that have motion, throw out the rest, throw out videos that are too old), reviewing past videos, and generating motion events to send to OH. You can do the same with Zoneminder and BlueIris too.

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Sorted. I hacked into the camera and removed the block on accessing the http and rstp servers. Bloody joke these manufactuers. All there devices within a price range, tend to be not that different in hardware, but the software is tailored to block (or unlock if you pay more) features.

I now have three £20 Dlink DCS8000LH hacked , Dlink user programs disabled, and providing H.264 streams in MJPEG to OH. Perfect. I can write a guide , where is the best for this HOWTO/Tutorial ?

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Tutorials and Solutions category

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