Ha-bridge is integrated at every start - can we disable this?


I use google home and alexa with the ha-bridge in my network.
At every start of openhab2 the ha-bridge is found and integrated as Thing.

I do not want that.
Is there a way to prevent this?

It will only be integrated as a thing, wenn you accept it in inbox. There is a symbol to ignore this inbox entry.

But why use ha-bridge with openHAB2 ? why not use hue-emulation ?

The ha-bridge is displayed as UNINITIALIZED after each openhab2 start and brings a lot of error messages in the console.
I never accepted it.

I use the ha-bridge for a very long time. It has always worked reliably.
That’s why I did not think about the integrated Hue emulation.

Is there any benefits?

If it is in state UNINITIALIZED, it was definitely accepted somehow. Just delete it’s thing in PaperUI and wenn it appears in inbox again, just press ignore. This should solve your issue.

The benefit of using HUE emulation is having it as a service within openHAB, so no need to rely on an external service.
Just tag your items within your .items file and there you go.

Perhaps I had accepted the ha-bridge anyway.
Now it does not appear in the inbox.
Is there another way to delete it?

I’m not sure if the Hue emulation can fulfill my wishes.

I can now create any commands and Alexa and Google Home control my items.
And for me important: I do not need a cloud.

In PaperUI, goto configuration, things, find it there and delete it.
You do not need a cloud to use hue emulation, it is working local.

I delete the thing after every start of openhab.
It always appears again.

Could you please check if your conf/runtime.cfg contains the following line


if yes, please change it to false

Other reason might be if you are using a .things file for configuration of Things outside PaperUI.
If that is the case and your .things file contains an entry for ha-bridge there, please delete it.

Autoapprove: enabled = false was the trick.
Now the ha-bridge appears in the inbox and I can ignore it.

Many Thanks. I would not have found that.
Now I’m thinking I should test the Hue Emulalation.


Great it works :slight_smile:
Would you the please mark this conversation as solved, thanks

Yes I’ll do.

Thank you again.