HABApp 24

Good news everyone! I’ve just release a new version:

HABApp 24.01.0

This is a small release with the most notable addition of a built in rate limiter.
Full changes:

  • Added HABApp.util.RateLimiter
  • Added CompressedMidnightRotatingFileHandler
  • Updated dependencies
  • Small improvement for RGB and HSB types
  • Small improvements for openHAB items
  • Added toggle for SwitchItem

At least one person (@usambara ) reported an issue where HABApp does not connect to openHAB any more and the issue seems to be with aiohttp. Unfortunately I can not reproduce the issue at the moment. If your HABApp installation does also not connect a downgrade to aiohttp 3.8.5 might fix the issue. In any case give me a heads up.

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Thank you. Just for clarifiaction, I am still using HABApp 1.0.8 with OH 3.4 and want to migrate step by step in order to deal with UoM.

To my knowledge HABApp 1.0.8 does not work with OH 4. Is HABApp 24.01 working with OH 3.4?

Yes - it should work as expected. You have to incorporate the HABApp changes - see the changelog from github for todos.
Start a fresh HABApp instance on your local machine and connect read only to your openHAB instance. That way you can work on the migration and see quickly if everything works.

Thx, also for the tip :smiley:

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just a feedback: i am on oh 4.1.1 (openhabian) and installed habapp 24.01 - everything works as expected, no problems here.
thank you very much sebastian!

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Good news everyone! I’ve just release a new version:

HABApp 24.02.0

This is a small release that should fix excessive log messages with ItemTimeSeriesUpdatedEvent and brings further improved startup.


  • For openHAB >= 4.1 it’s possible to wait for a minimum openHAB uptime before connecting (defaults to 60s) - thanks @J-N-K for providing the value in the REST response.
    It’s possible to change this value in the configuration.
  • Renamed config entry mqtt.connection.client_id to identifier (backwards compatible)
  • ItemTimeSeriesUpdatedEvent gets ignored
  • Updated dependencies
  • Updated docs