Habapp items

Hi ,
Actually I’m playing with habapp, because I want to write rules in python. Habapp is fantastic for that.

Actually I have a Problem of understanding some things.

On openhab I have a heating regulator.
The working mode of this is a number item.

The actual working mode is controlled without an iCal calendar.

With my handy I want to implement a presence detection.
In habapp I can detect when I’m leaving home.
In this case I want to save the old values of the working mode in habapp.

When I come back home I want to restore the saved value.
Because during my absence the working mode could be changed ,so I need to now the value of the leave time.

Is it possible to copy an openhab Item to a habapp item?

The openhab Item is numeric.
If I read it with get_value and try to put to an habapp item it will not work.
It says something like Item types not compatible…

A Habapp item is linked to an OpenHab item, so to set its value, you do something like this:

item = NumberItem.get_item(item_name)

Yes , that’s clear.
But item_name is the oh item. so in Item I have the openhab Item linked.

But now I want to copy it to an only habapp item,that is not present in oh.
And later, due to some conditions I want to Post it to the openhab Item.

What I did not get to work is copy the value from openhab to a pure habapp item