HabApp - Picture Item Creates error messages in Log

I have an image item defined which contains the image of the visitor when the doorbird ring button is pressed

Image Doorbell_PressedImage  "Doorbell Pressed Image "  { channel="doorbird:d101:6aa677dec7:doorbellImage" }

During system reboot habapp is started before openhab is up and running. When connected to openhab habapp gets all stored values of items. The Doorbell_PressedImage throws an error:


When I comment out the Doorbell_PressedImage item restart is fine without any of the ERROR messages.
The same happens with the 24.02.0 version
Any idea what the cause is?

have you already tried the entries

  • wait_for_openhab
  • min_start_level

in the habapp config.yml:

    buffer: 256kib          # try to fix boot error "ValueError: Chunk too big"
    url: <MY_URL>   # Connect to this url. Empty string ("") disables the connection.
    user: <MY_USER>
    password: <MY_PW>
    verify_ssl: true             # Check certificates when using https
    listen_only: false      # If True HABApp does not change anything on the openHAB instance.
    wait_for_openhab: true  # If True HABApp will wait for a successful openHAB connection before loading any rules on startup
    min_start_level: 100    # Wait for openHAB
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 min_start_level: 50

did the magic, start_level:100 I never reach, or at least it takes forever.