HABDroid App does not display the full sitemap file

Hello, I have been using the android app for quite a long time now and it always worked for me. Now, as my sitemap grows and grows, I find some mysterious behaviour: In my sitemap I have a mainscreen with frames, then a group element. When I put things inside this group, all is okay. But for layout reasons I put the Items in new frames. What I can see is the first Element (a group) which is correctly displayed, the next frames only show up the frame names, but not their content. In >Classic UI (accessing the sitemap over the Internet) all is there so I assume that it is not a syntax problem. What I tried is the webinterface, the release app on google play and the newest debug app.

I thaught that I had the same problem, rechecked my sitemap file and found a missing “}” just before the first frame that did show the name only.