Habdroid NFC questions

Hi all,

not sure if this is intented:
when using Habdroid to programm NFC tags I found that I cant program a switch.
Long press on the switch in Habdroid reveals only empty page “choose action of NFC tag”

  1. So the way to go is to make a switch with mapping ON/OFF

  2. Also is there another way to toggle a light switch? Right now I have an autoupdate=false item NFC_light which is triggering a rule where I send the http Toggle command

    Switch NFC_light “NFC dummy” { autoupdate=“false” }

    Item NFC_light received command ON

  3. Is there any possibility to use the android nfc function when the screen is of without any custom roms/root?

Regarding 1) I think there might still be an issue with this. If you look in this issue thread at the bottom you see they are still discussing that it doesn’t work to save a toggle to the NFC tag.