Habdroid screensaver


I am doing some tests with a screensaver implementation in Habdroid.
At the moment it is only showing the current time.
Ultimately the goal is to let the user specify which information is shown in the screensaver.
Before I make a pull request I’d like to get some feedback.

What would be the best method for selecting the items to show?
I was thinking about letting the user select a special sitemap and rendering it with a bigger font.
Another option would be to let the user select items in the Habdroid settings.
This allows a more tailored view in the screensaver.
E.g. we could render the time very big and show some temperatures a bit smaller.


I like the idea of using a special sitemap. And maybe rotate through the items in that sitemap. Maybe even have a setting where 1 item has a larger font and a couple others with smaller fonts.

Setting the brightness for the screensaver would be good too. Personally I would like it to be fairly dim.