HABFX-UI - The UI for small touch screens


I have made an openHAB 2 client for my personal needs. It may be useful for other user.

I have design it for very small touch screen. I actually use it with an adafruit PiTFT of 2.8" (320x240) plugged on a Raspberry Pi 3, but it can run on any system with JavaFX 8.
I think that it is a nice wall screen :wink:

Note: For Raspberry Pi, you must install the JavaFX Embedded SDK for armv6 and use Framebuffer “fbcp” (see: https://github.com/ben12/my-habfx-ui)

Screenshot 001 Screenshot 002

Screenshot 003 Screenshot 004

Screenshot 005 Screenshot 006

Screenshot 007 Screenshot 008

Screenshot 009


Small demo: