HABMIN 1.0 Purpose

I am running openhab 1.8 and have installed habmin 1.5.
Habmin seems to connect and items, configurations are shown.

I was trying to use it for debug purpose but it seems not to be capable of displaying neither the value of items nor the log files.
Also only one of my 4 sitemaps is probably displayed.
Additionally there are tabs which have no function e.g rules, rule library.

Maybe I did some misconfiguration or I am not getting what habmin is trying to achieve. Is it meant to be an alternative for openhab designer? If yes, why would someone be interested in such an alternative?

Yes - it allows configuration of the system without using designer.

Well, it’s quite common to use web based interfaces these days. Not everyone likes to type configuration into a script file, and a GUI is generally less prone to typing syntax errors. OH2 is also moving to web based configuration systems…