HABmin 2 and sitemaps

I just moved over from openHAB 1 and HABmin 1 to OH2. I’ve gotten very used to creating and editing sitemaps with HABmin but it looks like that option is gone with HABmin2.

so basically 2 questions:

  • is the option to add / edit sitemaps coming back to HABmin?
  • is there a way to use things / items created by HABmin in sitemaps created with the eclipse smarthome designer?

I know about HABpanel but I prefer sitemaps for HABdroid and the Windows app

If I understand correctly, there are plans to add this to core OH which is why chris didn’t implement it in Habmin2.

Absolutely (for Items, you can’t access Things from rules or sitemap). Just use the name of the Item as you see it in Habmin.