Habmin and zwave1 binding


I’m in the process of migrating my “production” site (my home) from OH1 to OH2, but it turned out to be a lengthy process. Right now I cannot use the zwave 2.1 binding and still run the 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT and it will take quite some more time until I can get there, and I need a way to handle this in the meantime.
Now my problem is to access my zwave devices. The old habmin1 from OH1 does not seem to work any more, and habmin2 does not list any 1.X binding, so the zwave1 binding to allow for diving into device configuration is missing.

@chris, is there a way to cope with this interim setup, short of shutting down OH2 and firing up my old OH1 installation every time I need to change a device config parameter ?


Unfortunately not - sorry. It’s not possible to run HABmin1 in OH1, and it’s not possible to make the OH1 binding work with the new UI.

(ok - so, maybe it is “possible” - but it would take a LOT of work)

Alright, that’s a pity, but at least I don’t need to continue trying to get this to work somehow. Thanks for your quick answer.