Habmin / Device indicator is grey, but was green before

Hello guys,

I am using OH1 with HABmin and z-wave binding (all latest versions/snapshots). I have integrated several zwave devices and all had a green button/indicator. According to the HABmin wiki this means, they are fully initialized and functional. But some devices (in my case a sensative strip sensor and a Fibaro smoke sensor FGSD002) went back to a grey button recently. Again according to the wiki, this doesn’t seem to be possible as a grey button indicates, that the device has not completed it’s initialization.

Both devices indeed to work properly.

Is this a common behavior in HABmin or especially for this devices? Are all your devices green at any time?

If the binding restarted for any reason, then they will start as grey again until the binding first hears from them. They will still work fine.

This is true for all devices, but for mains devices this happens very quickly and you almost certainly won’t notice. For battery devices, it will take much longer. The exact time depends on the wakeup interval that is configured in the device, but normally an hour to a day.

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