HABmin goes offline for few seconds, every few moments

I have successfully installed HABmin (on OH1), and every now and then I get a notification bubble that says ‘openHAB is offline’ (and the light at the top-right corner turns red), and usually after few seconds it returns to be online.

It’s not related to MyOpenHab being offline or online, since in MyOpenHab web site ‘notifications’ there isn’t anything related to that.

The OH log file keeps running, even when HABmin says it’s offline, and the log file (in debug mode) doesn’t mention anything related to offline/online.

However, there is some weird latency in ZWAVE - which may (or may not…) be related to that.

Under which ‘topic’ should HABmin discussions be filled?

HABmin1 periodically polls OH - I think it’s every 5 seconds or so. If this polling times out, then the UI will show this offline indicator. The only time I’ve seen this in the past is when HABmin was running on a slow machine (RPi 1), but if the host is heavily loaded it could also cause this.