HABmin HABmin2 user interface questions

I’ll write this one before I get used to Habmin .
I come from OH! and tellstick, and is now trying to move into apt-get , the new UI’s, and also adding zwave to the setup.

In Habmin, is there a reason for not indicating which manu items you have chosen?
I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but it would be helpful to me if the top border said “Items” or “things” or whatever.

Also, in the things(?) page, when I choose an item, it has a Label property in the description section, and then another Label property in the properties section. And they differ …
One is editable, one is not. (I think)
Would it be possible to name these differently to make it clearer when referencing them?
Or some how clarify their purpose?

As of now, I don’t know which name I should use in the default.items file, for instance.

I’m sure I’ll get used to it, so I write this before that happens!

You may choose whatever name you want. You are not restricted to those labels. It could be the name of one of the labels (but try to avoid spaces) or it could be a completely different name (which would make more sense).
If you want to know what is the purpose of your zwave switch “Z-Wave Node 7: WCD2 Double Paddle Wall Controller” I would f.e. name it “Light Switch Living Room” as a label and “Switch Living_Room” as the switch definition.
And sometimes it is a lot easier to define your items via HABmin … you may also use a different name from that one HABmin is proposing.
Yo should read http://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/openhab/habmin to find out what is possible …

Edit: edit because of enter key was touched too early :sunglasses:

I will look at it, and I’ll get it right, if not by anything else, i’ll use empirical research, or trial and error.
Maybe it was unclear, the post was intended as suggestions for improvements.

When you refer to ‘label’, which one do you refer to?
I was hoping that maybe there is a chance to make the UI a bit clearer and perhaps reducing the need to google for documentation.

I’ve updated the UI to make this clearer - thanks for pointing it out as it was a hangeover from earlier days…

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To the “labeltext” of an item definition:


itemtype itemname ["labeltext"] [<iconname>] [(group1, group2, ...)] [{bindingconfig}]