Habmin or habmin2?

I heard about habmin2 … but when searching i couldn’t find any jar files for it.

I installed OH2 build 826 but there is only a habmin 2.1.0 shapshot in it. Is this the habmin2? When viewing the screenshots on the github https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.ui.habmin it should look different from what I’m seeing.
And the releases zips of tar.gz on the github only contain files no jar file.

Can anyone tell where to look of I’ve the installed habmin is the habmin2 version. I’m a bit lost whit this.

AFAIK, habmin2 is just the Habmin you see if OH2. It was formerly called that early on when OH2 was still first getting going.

Agreed, Habmin 2.10 is Habmin2. The screenshots in the docs are old and need to be updated.