Habmin or OpenHAB Designer?

So far I’ve used OpenHAB Designer to write my rules and manage my items. Is it worthwhile trying Habmin or by mastering some of OpenHAB Designers traits and writing many rules will I be storing up trouble for later by changing now?
Hardware is a Pi2 which also runs Open Energy Monitor

I have used Habmin because I needed to pair Z-Wave. UI is not so great (reminds me of access 97 forms) but works like a charm. Just hit save a few times to really save the changes and be sure to compare the generated/updated files before you close your habmin interface.

habmin is perfect for simple rules and for users which have little programming experience.
So if you don’t struggle with rule creation I see no real urge to try it, but also no harm! :wink:

I use habmin for setting up my ZWave configuration and plotting graphs but
due to complex rules, I create all my rules in the Designer.