Habmin through paperui not functioning

So I have been searching for days and can’t figure out what im doing wrong. I installed the Habmin interface from the paperui. I’ve also tried uninstalling and installing again and no matter what I can’t seem to do anything, charts, dashboards, the only thing I have been able to do is modify my Zwave devices which seems to function correct.

The current task I am trying to acomplish is to change my theme to the Matrix theme from here https://github.com/pmpkk/openhab-habpanel-theme-matrix
However this is all I get when I try to click on what I believe is settings? The two gears in the upper right?
Anyone help me out? I don’t have much hair left.

That theme is applicable in the habpanel UI

Have you installed the theme? If so, in habpanel, in the panel settings, does that show up as an option in the theme dropdown?

Well… that’s kind of the source of my confusion, I can’t seem to find a screen like your showing? I think I have searched all around and I can’t seem to find “panel settings” I thought something was wrong because it seems as though it should come up when I click those two gears but all I get when I do that is what you see in my screen cap. I have followed the instructions on the page and believe that the theme is installed.

Oh… crap, I think I’m turned around, habpanel, not habmin, sorry.