HABmin2 : Connecting to the Z-Wave controller - Configuring the port

Tying to install OH2 and following the installation guide.
For the port configuratin, the manual described how to find the port on a Mac.

On a win7, I found the port name in the ‘device manager’, under ‘Ports’.
The ‘device manager’ can be found for all win version as describe here (only confirmed for win7):

Since I’m not aware about the actual state (of completness) of the dev, I just include my experience for the use of HABmin2 (I was able to update the local timezone, so updating is working):

  • Astro sun data (automatically included) : not able to change the GeoLocation
  • Weather Information (automatically included) : not able to change the Location WOEID
  • Adding new things (zwave nodes) went well, but got a lot of error messages in log file

I am running openHAB 2 on WIN 7 here. The Device manager page should look something like:

When you expand “Ports” you should see the Z-Wave controller assigned to say COM3 or COM4 etc… In HABmin2 all you need to enter is “COM3” or whatever the actual assigned port is.