habmin2 insteon items

When I create rules using habmin2 my “when” clause is always empty.
Anyone know where I should look to fix?

In the habmin2 Automation>Rules editor I have to type my items.
Is that normal or should they already be in the menu?

I checked spelling and whatnot and think I have all that correct.

I’m learning openhab2, RPi, Linux, Python, Bash, all these programming/scripting environments, etc. so I can easily be missing something obvious.

I have only insteon devices (no z-wave, etc.).
My insteon devices show up under habmin2:
but not in
Automation>Rules editor
and when I type my items they don’t appear in a “when” clause

I haven’t found any videos of the habmin2 environment to know what is normal or not.

Sidenote: It would sure be nice if Insteon link management were added in the habmin2 environment the way (it sounds like) z-wave management is done.

Those of us invested in Insteon would sure like such an integrated solution for link management.
Not sure if you guys have seen this.
@Bernd_Pfrommer @chris @dan_pfrommer

Remaining Habmin2 questions:
Why doesn’t habmin2 rules generate any WHEN clause for anything I try?
Any way to enable “Save” for text-based rules?

I understand habmin’s rule editor intent is focused on the Blockly-ish editor but the /Source text editor is also quite beautiful and allows me to edit exisiting text rules from a browser but I can’t save.