HABmin2 - Rollershutter Widget and Server Save Question

Hi all,

I just switched from openHab1 to openHab2 and started to explore HabMin2, because I want to use it on a tablet instead of the OpenHab App. I want to create a rather simple Dashboard, but I am stuck right at the start:

I feel pretty stupid because I can not figure this one out…
any help is greatly apreciated!


You are mixing up HABmin and HABPanel: two different things.

Template widget - tutorial & examples - make your own widget!, although I would recommmend to use the included widgets (for example a slider) first and then go to the advanced custom widgets.

Which step of the “Getting Started” did not work for you?

thanx for the clarification. You are right, I mixed it up. I mean HabPanel.

The Rollershutter Thing is working now. I could use 3 simple Buttons to do it.

But what I still can not figure out is how to share a Dashboard from one device to an other. In my case, share a Dashboard from PC to an iPad. I do understand, that I could use the json import export, but thats not possible on the iPad…

I can store my Dashboards on the server, but how do I load them on another device?

On the new device, click on “Save the current configuration to a new panel configuration”, even if you don’t want to do that.
Then the stored config of your PC should show up and you can select it.
At least that is the way how it works on Android, not sure about Apple …

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