HABmin2 thing channels pane link issues

In openHAB 2 beta 5, in HABmin, I go to things, pick a thing, then go to the channels. It shows none of the channels as active/linked, despite the fact that I previously created items from the channels using HABmin. I go to items and I can see the items that were previously created. I can use the items in rules to control the thing. Something seems to be messed up.

Also, when I first created the items from the channels, it showed two items being linked to the channel. One was the real one with a name, the other was just a blank line but with an edit icon. A ghost item, if you will. Eventually I stopped seeing this and instead saw what I described above.

This is a fresh install after having done apt-get purge openhab2-offline followed by a reinstall to fix another issue I had with my upgrade from beta 4.

Bug? Something I’m doing wrong?

Here’s a screenshot of the “two items somehow created when adding an item” issue. Here, I clicked the plus icon once per channel and this is what I got. @chris, sorry to bother you, is this to be expected? These funny items that get created also prove very hard to delete, they were “not found” the last time I encountered this.