HABot: items label not considered?

I have for example an item with the label “Lampe sur la console”.
If I request “Lampe sur la console”, no problem it works.
But if I request “Est ce que la lampe sur la console est allumée ?” I get no matching.
That is strange because I find this training sentence in get-status skill: est ce que la <START:object> télé <END> est allumée ?
That is as if the item label is not considered.

I have 2 items with the tag “Light”, one with label “Lumière derrière la console” and the other with the label “Lampe sur la console”.
If I request “allume la lampe sur la console”, it works and I see that in logs:

18:07:56.140 [DEBUG] [b.ui.habot.nlp.internal.IntentTrainer] - Intent [name=activate-object, entities={object=lampe sur la console}]

But if I request “allume la lumière derrière la console”, it does not works and I see that in logs:

18:09:00.558 [DEBUG] [b.ui.habot.nlp.internal.IntentTrainer] - Intent [name=activate-object, entities={object=console}]

As you can see, the object is “console” while it should be “lumière derrière la console”.

I found that the entity extractor struggles with names which differ a lot from what appears in the training data. The labels of the items are added to the training data and fed to the trainer to try to improve the situation, but sometimes it’s simply not “smart” enough (meaning not trained enough) to recognize those entities accurately.

I opened an issue and provided a little more information.