HABot not taking actions

Hello Community,
My environment:
Raspberry Pi 4, 4GB RAM
openHABian 4.1.1

I have the issue that HABot does not take actions with items e.g. switches anymore.
I had the same configuration working on openHAB 2.5 and early 4.x

I explain the behaviour with screenshots.

Sorry for the german language, but here you can see, that HABot recognizes “test” as a switch but when you try to control it, it fails. I have tried all possible phrases like “ein(schalten)”, “aus(schalten)”, “on”, “off” etc. but none did work.

I am really sure that the item and semantic model are correct in this point:

As I already said, this was working a long time before.
This is the case for all switches.

Another example is the output of values:
If I just name the label of an item it shows the value but packed into a simple german sentence brings an error.
Also this was working before and I did not change anything to the configuration.

I also refreshd HABot with no effect.

What can be the problem?
Thanks for any kind of help :slight_smile:

Kind regards

I’m having the same problem, Semantic synonym question