Habot voice on Android

I want to add habot to the symantec model.
On android I can type a command and is working
I also want to use the microphone to use the speech to text engine but is disabled.
How to enable this? I can’t find this other than using myopenhab.
I’m running OH local and don’t use the cloud

Hi HenMus,

There are serveral options within Habot. You hav to chooise a service for speech recognition. You can find them in the settings menu.
You did not mention which one you use, so I assume you do not know about this yet.

Thanks Richard,

You are right that part is not configured.
I thought I could use google for Voice to text conversion but don’t know how to do this.
Under habot I have a empty screen

and under voice I see a option but don’t know how to add if possible goolge to that entry.
If you can maybe point me to the right documentation or give some other tips that would be perfect.