HABot Walkthrough (9/n): Configuring Voice Input

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Should voice input work by default on OH3?
When I press the mic symbol I get the message “not-allowed”
How to get this working?

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For those who cannot wait, I found something here:

Hi there,
instead of opening a new topic im trying to place my question here.

I was trying to find out if the setup im thinking about is possible:

  1. Central openHAB host providing calculation performance
  2. SmartSpeaker-Endpoints with low calculation performance permanently streaming/receiving audio from openHAB


I am ablsolutely not an expert and maybe i am thinking about this the wrong way but having multiple low-cost, low-energy-consumption and compact Endpoints feels good to me.

Any could you try to help me by sharing your thoughts about

  • Does this setup even make sense?
  • What OS/Device/Service could be used to create endpoints: RPi, RPi Pico/Zero, ESPXXX

Thanks in advance and feel free to correct my statements

What i found so far:

(Not sure if i understood the content of each)

?Performing STT on Endpoint?

Finding this in the Documentation gives an overview how to use multiple rhasspy in Base-Satellite-constellation → Promising to me

HAB Speaker
?Needs openHAB running and performing STT on Endpoint?

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

You can achieve something similar by using the pulseaudiobinding to register sinks and sources for your devices and then starting a dialog for each of those using the cli voice command startdialog.

I have opened a PR for OH 4 to add new commands to make this a little easier to manage [voice] Add voice commands for register/unregister dialogs and list them by GiviMAD · Pull Request #3459 · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub.

Once that one gets merged I’m going to create a small guide on how to setup a speaker using a raspberry and pulseaudio (I think there is no post about it). I have currently one speaker setup like that using raspberry zero w.

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