HABPanel as photo frame with weatherstaion


I would like to configure HABPanel as as Photoframe with some aditional Informations eg Weathersensors, door/window status and so on. For this I plan to use a old Android-Tablet with dokingstation. I have a motion detector witch should turn on the tablet. This idea generates a lot of questions:

  • Is there a way to display photos using HABPanel (an rotate every x minutes)
  • Is there a way to turn on a android-tablet using a http-request?
  • Ist there a chance to integrate iCloud photos?
  • Can I configure a default site in HABPanel whitch will be displayd after x minutes of idel?

Do you mean HABmin, or HABPanel?

You are right. I meen HABpanel

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I found a solution for the second point: a app caled woli for Android. This app allows to remote control the tablet. It’s posible to turn on and of, call a URL or open a App on the tablet by using netcomand:

echo wolido:Display:1 | nc 6666 -q 1

Is there a way to do this comand using a rule?

HABPanel Viewer will have many of the things you are looking for. You might have to do a little coding for the icloud photos and some of the other feature like your last point, but it should be possible.