Habpanel behaves when accessed from IP or Hostname

I created a habpanel Dashboard while i was connectet to openhab via hostname “openhabian”
All working.
I then tried to access openhab by IP Adress ( and habpanel showed me the dialog “no dashboard configured” … i went back to hostname and there was my dashboard again.

I then created a dashboard while being connectet via IP adress…

Now i can see two different dashboards depending on how i connect to the server … hostname or ip adress…

AND now i found an even more confusing issue … … if i use my smartphone and connect with IP Adress habpanel again shows me “No dashboards configured”

Everything else Openhab, InfluxDB and Grafana work perfect… no matter how i access them…

This makes habpanel pretty much useless …

UsingOpenhab 3 on RaspberryPI 4

Anyone here to enlighten me?


By default any HABPanel configuration is saved on the client. And apparently it’s saved using the URL as a key.

There is a setting in HABPanel to save the configuration to the server where it can be pulled on other clients. However, remember that HABPanel is not great and handling different screen sizes. You will likely need to configure a different panel for each client of significantly different size anyway.

This is all covered in [the docs](HABPanel | openHAB persistence).

Until a panel configuration is created (or chosen), HABPanel will run in “local storage” mode for this device: the settings will be retained in the browser’s local storage only and nothing will be persisted on the server.

To switch from the local storage to a server-hosted panel configuration, go to the Settings page from the main menu or the side drawer (see below). A list of panel configurations will be presented in the Current storage configuration section; if only the “Local storage” option is available, click on the Save the current configuration to a new panel configuration link, give it a name to identify it (avoid spaces or special characters), and it should be added to the list.

Wow i did not realize that … Very strange to implement it like this. But thanks for the hint… Im still a noob. I may have to check out other ways to create dashboards then … too bad because first impression of habpanel was great.
Thanks Again

As I said, because HABPanel is not responsive one often ends up creating a custom panel for each device anyway. But if you want to create one panel for all your devices HABPanel can do that too. You just need to switch the storage to the server instead of local. Nothing here says you can’t store the panel on the server if you choose to.

MainUI in OH 3 is responsive but it doesn’t support creating separate panels for individual devices.

yes just tried that and was shocked how bad it looks on a smartphone. So yes need to create dashboards for each devicetype… but this is a nogo for me…

No i think i need to find another possibility. i need Dashboards that adapt to mobile view.
like bootstrap does the job for websites… i hope there is something like that…

Seems i have to check out OH3 MainUI but it did not look nice on first impression.

If MainUI doesn’t do the job you’ll have to create your own UI from scratch. Though MainUI Pages are almost infinitely customizable so you should be able to create almost anything you want with it.

lol hmm quite tempting to create a bootstrap based UI from scratch. But i think this will be in a later stage.

Dashboard beauty is secondary at the moment. I started Openhab because i want to automate a greenhouse with a pond inside (built at home). Climate Control (Temperatur Humidity, Misting Fan. Water Temperature, Waterlevel… Refill etc… very interesting. When it works i will try to make a nice UI.

For now i just need the graphs for temperature and humidity… thats why i started grafana and habpanel.

haha as i said im a noob … into openhab since 3 days.

And @rlkoshak thanks a lot i really appreciate your hints and help

Both HABPanel and MainUI support good looking graphs. Sitemaps support graphs, they just don’t look good.

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