HABpanel - black browser window ... all is gone

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(Tom Araya) #1

Since a few hours I only see a black browser window when accessing HABpanel. No panels, no widgets and even no controls. I tried different browsers and devices. An uninstall and reinstall via the PaperUI didn’t work either. When I use the static URL (http://openhab.fritz.box:8080/static/habpanel/index.html#/settings) instead of the dynamic (http://openhab.fritz.box:8080/habpanel/index.html#/) I get a non up-to-date version, but all looks good.

Yesterday I switched to the new snapshot repository (as described here Replacement of the Apt Snapshot Repository) and the latest build, but all worked fine.

I have exports of my panels and controls, but I can’t import anything, because there are no controls at all.

Any ideas?!

Habpanel: only a black screen is shown after first mod
(Basem Al Saeed) #2

would this be the case ? i am not sure if it applies to your case or not

(Tom Araya) #3

Thanks a lot for your reply. Moving the config file hasn’t solved the problem.

After upgrading to the new repo my config was overwritten by the demopanel and later I got the problem that I described. What I am really wondering about is that I have only a black screen without controls - nothing …

(Tom Araya) #4

I did a new installation of the raspi …

Thanks anyway!

(Cesare Arigliano) #5

the same problem to me any help ?