HabPanel Button - green=off - red=on - How can i do this?

Hi, i use HabPanel on my OH 2.3 snapshot.

On the standard switch it´s not very clear visble, if the switch is on or off. So i want to color the whole button in green or red, when the switch is on/off.

Can someone tell me, if i can do this with the standard button? Or do i have to use a special widget for this? Is there one already?

Something like this?

If yes, you just have to change the active or inactive state.

There are menus for this.
Here is the example above for green=ON:

Oh, thank you!

I have all switches made with the “SWITCH”-Widget in HapPanel. There was no such setting.

I see, i have to use the “BUTTON” Widget for this.

Is there a way to get the icon changed, like on the switch-widget, too? So one icon for on and another one for off?

Should be the same behavior as with the switch widget.
I have used the receiver icon, which changes dynamically according to the item state.
So if your preferred icon has a on and off variant it should work out of the box.

But i can´t find the standard switch icon from habpanel.

Off is a circle with a small line in on the upper side and on is a cricle with a dot in the middle.
Also on standard switch there are the words “off” or “on”.

This seems to be part of habpanel switch widget itself and not customizable.
Sorry i can’t help you further with the icon.

Does none of the avaible icons fit for you?

I can find a light-icon in the colored icons for on and off, but this looks not so good inside habpanel. The other icon-sets only have lamps without a version for on and off.