HabPanel: Button widget not updating

I am using the Button widget to switch between two states: ON and OFF. It is linked to an Item that I defined like this: String FunctionActive
Now when I press the Button, it correctly switches the Item value from ON to OFF or from OFF to ON. In the log file, I see:
2018-10-11 12:07:37.422 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'FunctionActive' received command OFF

My problem is: HABpanel does not switch the HABpanel widget according to the Item value. The widget stays the same, it only changes after I press the HABpanel refresh button at the top right. As a consequence, if I repeatedly press the Button, it continues to set the Item OFF although the Item is OFF already (it doesn’t switch). Only after I refresh HABpanel and the button switches to ON according to the Item value, the item switches to OFF the next time I press the button (but the widget continues to show it ON).
Is this a bug or a feature? :slight_smile: How do I force a change in the Button representation according to the Item value?

What browser do you use? Is the auto refresh set up?

I am using Chrome. I didn’t find an auto refresh for this widget (as eg in the Chart widget with the experimental Live Update).

I’ll add a “me too” to this. I’ve got several panels, none of them appear to be updating on their own. I have to hit the refresh button each time.

This a three month old thread. Start another one and add your set-up

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